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"Arthur has invaluable WordPress knowledge that takes much of the decision-making conundrums out of our heads and into reality."


"You've figured out a way to offer stellar backend support at an affordable price to anyone who wants a web site, that makes my heart sing. "


Everything you need is included

We provide everthing you need, all for one low price. Nothing is left out.


A host is the place where the files your website consists of are stored. Your WPUNBOXED account includes one full year of hosting.


A domain is your Internet address. For example, ours is WPUNBOXED.com. Your WPUNBOXED account comes with one free domain of your choice.

Premium Theme

Hiring a designer is very expensive. Fortunately, we have over 100 gorgeous pre-designed themes to choose from. You can easily personalize the design by adding your logo and content.

Custom Email Address

Simply put, a custom email address will make you (and, more importantly, your business) appear as professional as it should be.

7 Day Starter Course

Getting started is often the hardest part, but we make it easier with our 7 Day Starter Course designed to give you a simple daily task to get you on the right track, then keep you there.


Yet, the WordPress dashboard can seem intimidating, if you don't have a lot of experience. We take that pain away with our 17 professionally-edited videos to guide you through the basics.

Speed Optimization

There's nothing more annoying to your visitors than a slow-loading website. We optimize your website so it loads in the blink of an eye.

Handpicked Plugins

Plugins allow you to extend your website's functionality without touching a single line of code. We've handpicked the most useful ones and installed them for you.

Daily Backups

It's inevitable, one day something will go wrong. You must have backups in place for when that happens. We backup your website daily, so when the inevitable happens, you'll be back to a working version with a couple of hours.

Analytics Setup

Analytic software tells you how many visitors you've had on your site, how long they stayed, and which pages they viewed.


Hackers are constantly trying to brute-force and exploit your website. We put measures in place that are like putting your website behind a giant iron wall.

Expert Support

There's nothing more important than having a WordPress expert an email away for every question or query. That's exactly what you get with our package: 12 months unlimited email access to a WordPress expert.

Are you ready to own a beautiful WordPress website? Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Who owns the website?

You do. We hope to earn your appreciation, but we’ll never own a thing. Our job is to build, maintain and support your website.

Are there any additional/hidden charges?

No! We believe in giving you everything you need for one fixed price.

Can I use my own theme/domain/host?

We try to make everything as easy as possible. If you already have something our team will work with you to create a solution you are happy with.